Dr. Darin Waters Interview


Dr. Darin Waters is a professor in the history department of UNC Asheville. Teaching at UNCA since 2011 and having been an Asheville resident for most of his life, Waters provides insight on how the institution has connected with its surrounding community over the years, as well as how being at a liberal arts institution has affected how he teaches. This interview took place on November 11th, 2016 in Dr. Waters’ office on the second floor of Whitesides Hall at UNC Asheville.


Anne Ogg and John Meyers Interview


Anne Ogg is a former professor and now an instructional designer at UNCA.  Anne has a lot of valuable insight into the development of UNCA, having been a student, then professor, and now operating a more background position.  John Meyers has a similar story, having also been a student and now residing in the role of an instructional technology consultant.  This dual interview allows a great back-and-forth dialogue, covering a wide variety of topics, ranging from the humanities, to burgeoning technologies, to the role of nature on campus. This interview took place in Anne Ogg’s office on the bottom floor of D. Hiden Ramsey Library on November 28th, 2016.


Gene Hyde and Colin Reeve Interview


This interview was done at UNC Asheville’s Special Collections archive on the top floor of D. Hiden Ramsey Library on November 18th, 2016, with both Gene Hyde (pictured right) and Colin Reeve (pictured left). Gene Hyde is the head of Special Collections, and Colin Reeve is the Special Collections Assistant. In this interview, the topic of liberal arts and how it affects the inner working of a university archive is covered, as well as the interactivity between UNC Asheville and the community around it, through the lens of working in the archive.